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Train elite scientist with creativity and global leadership.

Welcome to the Department of Physics, POSTECH.

 As of October 2016, in the Department of physics at POSTECH, there are 31 regular faculty members, 7 emeritus professors, 3 distinguished professors, 18 adjunct faculty members, 3 research professors and several postdocs. The student body is about 282 with 119 undergraduate students, 1 master students and 162 doctorate students. The department activities are supported by 5 administrative and technical staffs.

The small student - faculty ratio allows effective teaching as well as frequent interactions and free discussions between students and faculty members. Our department encourages undergraduate students, who are exposed to active research environments, to participate in advanced research early. Through a renovative and tightly-knit curriculum, we intend to produce young physicists with creative thinking and practical problem solving skills. Our department emphasizes balanced education and research through cooperation between various fields and disciplines in physical science and engineering, which we hope to not only accelerate progresses in physics but also maximize its contribution to related fields. The research spectrum of our department spans wide topics in physics. .

In particular, our department focuses on condensed matter physics, including nanophysics, plasma and accelerator physics, and biophysics since they allow concentration of our research resources on areas with a potentially large impact in industrial technology in Korea and development of internationally competitive research groups in a short time. The research in department is mostly funded by school fund and government agencies including BK21. Moreover, scholarship, dormitory and apartment for the married are provided.

Department Head Yoon, Moohyun,