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Lee, Tong-Nyong professor

Current Contact Information

[전화번호: 279-2713, 사무실 : ]

Emeritus Professor, Ph.D., 1959, Univ. of. London
Plasma Physics Experiments, Sof. X-ray Laser, X-ray Optics

Education and Training

1950: B. S. in Physics, SNU
1959: Ph.D. in Nuclear Physics, University of London

Professional Career

1951-1955: Naval Technical Institute (Korea)
1960-1963: Assistant Prof. at Seoul National University
1964-1970: Associated Prof. at Catholic University of America
1970-1988: Research Physicist at Naval Research Laboratory

Research Experiences

Plasma Physics and X-ray Lasers

High Temperature and High Density Plasma: Linear Z-Pinch, Laser-produced Plasmas Plasma Shock Waves Plasma Spectroscopy Plasma Diagnostics Plasma Soft X-ray Lasers

Academic activity

Soft X-ray Lasing in Neonlike Germanium and Copper Plasma,
T. N. Lee, E. A. Mclean, and R. C. Elton, Phys. Rev. Lett. 59
1185 (1987)

Characteristics of Oblique Shock Waves Produced in an Expanding Laser-Plasma,
T. N. Lee, Phys. Rev. A27, 2082 (1983)
High Energy X-ray Emission in Vacuum Spark Discharge,
H. S. Uhm and T. N. Lee, Phys. Rev. A40, 3915 (1989)
Soft X-ray Amplification in a Capillary Discharge,
H.-J. Shin, D.-E. kim and T. N. Lee, Phys. Rev. E50, 1376 (1994)

Linear Z-Pinch (POSTECH & MOE) Soft X-ray Lasers (POSTECH & MOE) Pohang Light Source Project, Synchrotron Radiation Facility (POSCO & MOST)

Honors and Awards