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Park, Jaemo professor

Current Contact Information

[전화번호: 279-2090, 사무실 : 3-225]
Professor, Ph.D., 1997, CALTECH
Theoretical Particle Physics
연구실: 입자물리 이론연구실[279-5520,3-525]

Education and Training

1988 - B. S. in Electronic Engineering, Seoul National University
1990 - M. S. in Physics, Seoul National University
1997 - PH. D. in Physics, California Institue of Technology

Professional Career

1997 - 2000 : Postdoctoral fellow, Institute for Advanced Study
2000 - 2001 : Postdoctoral fellow, University of Pennsylvania

Research Experiences

Nonperturbative aspects of string and M-theory
Supersymmetric field theory
Physics of black holes

Academic activity

1. "Small instanton transition in heterotic M-theory," B. Ovrut, T. Pantev and J. Park, Journal of high energy physics 0005 (2000) 045
2. "Orientifolding the conifold," R. Rabadan, J. Park and A. Uranga, Nuclear Physics B 570 (2000) 3
3. "World volume action of the M-theory five-brane," M. Aganagic, J. Park, C. Popescu and J. Schwarz, Nuclear Physics B 496 (1997)
4. "Strings on orientifolds," A. dabholkar and J. Park, Nuclear Physics B 477 (1996) 701

Honors and Awards