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Sung, Wokyung professor

Current Contact Information

Department of Physics
Pohang University of Science & Technology (POSTECH),
San 31, Hyoja Dong, Pohang, 790-784, Republic of Korea
e-mail: wsung@postech.ac.kr
homepage : http://biostatphys.postech.ac.kr
phones: (in Korea) (054)279-2061(office), 3099(FAX)
(abroad) +82-54-279-2061(office) 3061(home) 3099(FAX)

Education and Training

1980 : Ph.D in Physics, State Univ. of New York at Stony Brook
1975 : M.S in Physics, Seoul National University
1972 : B.S in Physics, Seoul National University

Professional Career

2009/6- Current : Editorial Board, Journal of Biological Physics
2007- 2009/6 : Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Biological Physics
2004- Current : Director, POSTECH Center for Theoretical Physics, POSTECH
2002- Current : Special Advisor, Asia Pacific Center for Theoretical Physics(APCTP)
1996- 1998 : Chairman, Statistical Physics Committee,Korean Physical Society
1987- present : Associate Professor, Professor, POSTECH
1987- 1989 : Chairman, Department of Physics, POSTECH
1984- 1985 : Research Scientist, Firestone Central Research Lab
1983- 1984 : Research Associate, State University of New York at Stony Brook
1980- 1982 : Research Associate, University of Minnesota
1999- 2000 : Visiting Scientist or Professor, Oxford University(1991), Max-Planck Institute(Stuttgart,1991), Juelich Research Center(1999) and University of Pennsylvania(2000)

Research Experiences

My current research interests lie mainly in physical understanding of basic biological conformations and processes that emerge in mesoscopic(cellular) level. The methodology is the statistical physics of soft matter(such as polymers, membranes) and stochastic phenomena(including barrier crossing, stochastic resonance and other noise-assisted cooperative dynamics).
For more details, click http://biostatphys.postech.ac.kr(Statistical and Biological Physics Laboratory)

Biological Systems on Mesoscopic Scales : Conformations and Dynamics
Nonequilibrium Statistical Physics and Stochastic Process Theory
Soft matter Physics : Polymers, Membranes and Liquids

Academic activity

Weak temporal signals can synchronize and accelerate the transition dynamics of biopolymers under tension;
W. K. Kim, C. Hyeon and W. Sung, Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA. 109(36), 14410-14415, (2012).
Polymer translocation under time-dependent driving forces: Resonant activation induced by attractive polymer-pore interactions;
T. Ikonen, J. Shin, W. Sung, and T. Ala-Nissila, J. Chem. Phys. 136, 205104 (2012).
Enhanced bubble formation in looped short double-stranded DNA;
O. Lee and W. Sung, Phys. Rev. E, 85, 021902 (2012).
Effects of static and temporally fluctuating tension on semiflexible polymer looping;
J. Shin and W. Sung, J. Chem. Phys, 136, 045101 (2012).
Charge density and bending rigidity of a rodlike polyelectrolyte: Effects of multivalent counterions;
W. K. Kim and W. Sung, Phys. Rev. E.83, 051926 (2011).
Direct Synthesis of Polymer Nanocapsules: Self-Assembly of Polymer Hollow Spheres through Irreversible Covalent Bond Formation ,
D. Kim, E. Kim, J. Lee, S. Hong, W. Sung, N. Lim, C. G. Park, and K. Kim, J. Am. Chem. Soc., 132, 9908 (2010).
Stochastic resonance in an ion channel following the non-Arrhenius gating rate of Bubble in DNA ,
Y. W. Parc, D. S. Koh and W. Sung, European Physical Journal B, 69, 127 (2009).
How Topological Constraints Facilitate Growth and Stability of Bubble in DNA ,
J. Jeon and W. Sung, Biophysical Journal, 95, 3600 (2008).
Static and Dynamic Correlations in a Charged Membrane,
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A Stochastic Model of Conductance Transitions in Voltage-gated Ion Channels,
K. Lee and W. Sung, Journal of Biological Physics 28 : 279-287.(2002)
Coil-to-Stretch Trasition, Kink Formation and Efficient Barrier Crossing of Linear Chain,
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Dynamics of a Polymer Surmounting a Potential Barrier: The Kramers Problem for Polymers,
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Does Stochastic Resonance exist in Periodic Potentials? ,
Y. W. Kim and W. Sung, Phys. Rev. E (Rapid comm.) 57, 6237 (1998).
Statistical Mechanics of Membrane Protein Conformation: A Homopolymer Model ,
P. J. Park and W. Sung, Phys. Rev. Lett. 80, 5687, (1998).
Semiflexible Polymers near Attracting Surface,
D. V. Kuznetsov and W. Sung, Macromol.(Communicatin to Editors) 31, 2679 (1998)
Dynamics of Pore Growth in Membranes and Membrane Stability,
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Polymer Translocation through a Pore in a Membrane,
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Memory Effects on Stochastic Resonance,
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Two-Fluid Theory of Coupled Kinetic Equations for a Test Particle and a Background Fluid,
W. Sung and J. S. Dahler, J. Chem.Phys., 78, 6264-6279 (1983)

Honors and Awards