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Jea-Hyung Jeon professor

Current Contact Information

[전화번호: 279-2070, 사무실: 3-229]
Assistant Professor, Ph. D., 2007, POSTECH
Theoretical biophysics and non-equilibrium statistical physics
연구실: 이론생물물리-비평형 통계물리 랩 [전화번호:279-2070, 랩: 무은재기념관 5-507-1]

Education and Training

- Ph. D. in Physics, POSTECH (2007)
- B.S. in Physics, POSTECH (2000)

Professional Career

- KIAS assistant professor, Korea Institute for Advanced Study, Korea (2016.08~2014.09)
- Postdoctoral fellow (Finland Distinguished Professor Program Project of Prof. Ralf Metzler & Prof. Ilpo Vattulainen), Tampere University of Technology, Finland (2014.08~2011.05)
- Postdoctoral fellow, Technical University of Munich, Germany (2011.04~2008.11)
- Postdoctoral fellow, POSTECH, Korea (2008.10~2007.03)

Research Experiences

- Theory of anomalous transports in living cells associated with single-particle tracking experiments
- Theory of stochastic non-Markovian processes
- Single-molecule DNA physics including the denaturation and elasticity
-Target search and transports in chromosomal DNAs
-Active gels
- Polymer & membrane physics

Academic activity

-List of Publications and citations (Google Scholar:

Honors and Awards