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Choi, Sang-il professor

Current Contact Information

[전화번호: 279-2084, 사무실 : ]

Emeritus Professor, Ph.D., 1961, Brown Univ.

Electrical Properties of. Solids such as Ionic and Organic Crystals

Education and Training

2. 1953-서울대학교(이학사-화학)

Professional Career

1. 199403-199602:포항공대, 대학원장
2. 199303-199602: 포항공대, 기초과학연구소장
3. 198908-now:포항공과대학교, 물리학 교수
4. 196306-199112:노스캬로라이나 대학교 물리 및 천문학과, 물리학조교수,부교수,교수, 주임교수
5. 196112-196305:시카고 대학교, 박사후 연구원
6. 196101-196111:브라운 대학교, 박사후연구원

Research Experiences

고체물리이론 : 고체의 이온 및 전기적 성질연구

1. Sangchul Oh and Sang-il Choi,, "Wigner function approach to a single-electron tunnel junction,", Physical Review B, Volume 54, Number 7,, 4440-4443,, The American Physical Society, 19960815
2. T. Takeuchi and Sang-il Choi,, "Temperature Dependence of Cation Concentrations in RbAg4I5,", Phys. Stat. Sol (a), Vol.132,, K7-9,, Akademie Verlag GMBH, 1992
3. F.A.Modine, R.W.Major,L.B. Bergman,M.Silver, Sang-il Choi,, "Polarization Current in Varistors,", J. Appl. Phys., Vol. 68, No.1,, 339-346,, The American Physical Society, 1990
4. Takao Takeuchi and Sang-il Choi,, "Electronic States of F-Type Centers in Oxide Crystals : A New Picture,", Physical Review Letters, Vol.50,, 1474-1477,, The American Physical Society, 1983
5. W. W. Lee and Sang-il Choi,, "The Electronic Structure of Beta-Alumina Surface with an Absorbed Sodium Atom,", J. Chem. Phys., Vol.72,, 3884-3888,, The American Physical Society, 1980
6. J. C. Wang, M. Gaffari, Sang-il Choi,, "On the Ionic Conduction in Beta-Alumina:Potential Energy Curves and Conduction Mechanism,", J. Chem. Phys., Vol. 63,, 772-778,, The American Physical Society, 1975

Academic activity

"첨단재료물리센터(과학재단)" 산학협동재단,

Honors and Awards