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Lee, Hu-Jong professor

Current Contact Information

[전화번호: 279-2072, 사무실 : RIST 1146]

Professor, Ph.D., 1985, Ohio State Univ.

Electronic Quantum Transport in Nanostructures
연구실: 양자전도/초전도연구실[279-6704,RIST 1140, 1142 ,1145, 1147]

Education and Training

- 1975 - B.S. in Physics, Seoul National University
- 1985 - Ph.D. in Physics, Ohio State University

Professional Career

- 2010-present: C5 (Low-temperature Physics) Commissioner of International Union of

Physics and Applied Physics (IUPAP)

- 2009-2010: President of Korean Superconductivity Society

- 2001-2002: Visiting Professor, Tohoku University

- 1991-1996 :Associate Professor, POSTECH 1996- :Professor, POSTECH

- 1987-1991 :Assistant Professor, POSTECH

- 1986-1987 : Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Harvard University

- 1985-1986 : Postdoctoral Research Associate, Ohio State University

- 1976-1979 : Researcher, Agency for Defense Development

Research Experiences

Quantum-Transport/Superconductivity Laboratory (QTSL) focuses its activities on the low-temperature quantum transport properties in nanostructures. Materials of investigation include graphene, topological insulators, highly anisotropic cuprate and pnictide superconducting crystals. The main research areas are as follows.

1) Transport properties in graphene and topological insulators (TI)

- Quantum Hall effect and spin-dependent transport in graphene and TI

- Thermoelectric effect in graphene

- Superconducting proximity effect in graphene and TI


2) Quantum Transport in Mesoscopic and Nanoscale Structures

- Quantum transport in nanostructures including quantum dots and nanowires

- Transport in nano-scales of normal-metal/superconductor and ferromagnet/

superconductor interfaces


3) Intrinsic Josephson Effect and Interlayer Tunneling in High-Tc Superconducting Crystals

- Intrinsic Josephson tunneling and interlayer tunneling spectroscopy

- Interlayer vortex coupling and Josephson vortex dynamics

- Stochastic switching current distribution - macroscopic quantum tunneling

Academic activity

Honors and Awards