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Cho, Moo-Hyun professor

Current Contact Information

Professor, Department of Physics, POSTECH
San-31 Hyoja-dong, Pohang 790-784 Korea

Tel: +82-(54)-279-2075, Fax: +82-(54)-279-3099
Lab: Plasma Sheath Laboratory

Education and Training

Ph.D. (Oct. 1988):

Nuclear Eng. & Eng. Physics Dept, Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison, U.S.A.

M. S. (Feb. 1979):

Nuclear Engineering Dept., Graduate School, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea

B. S. (Feb. 1977):

Nuclear Engineering Dept., Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea

Professional Career

Sep. 2011 - Present:

Director of Pohang Accelerator Laboratory, POSTECH

Dec. 2009 - Aug. 2011:

Dean of Research Affairs, POSTECH

Jan. 2008 - Dec. 2009:

Program Manager for Korea Plasma Fusion Research at the National Research Foundation, Korea (dispatch)

Dec. 2010 - Present:

Joint faculty member of the DANE (Department of Advance Nuclear Engineering), POSTECH

Mar. 2009 - Jan. 2012:

MAC(Management Advisory Committee) member for ITER-Korea

Jan. 2009 - Dec. 2010:

Vice-president of KPS (Korean Physical Society)

Mar. 2000 - Feb. 2001:

Visiting Scientist at APS, Argonne National Lab, U.S.A. (sabbatical year)

Jan. 1997 - Present:

Joint faculty member in Environmental Engineering Program

Jan. 1997 - Sept. 1998:

Linac division head, PAL (Joint assignment)

Mar. 2001 - Present:

Professor, Physics Department, POSTECH

Jan. 1990 - Dec. 1996:

PLS-Linac program - Klystron & modulator Gr. Leader; developed 12 sets of 200-MW modulator system for the PLS 2-GeV injector linac (dedication of the PLS was Dec. 4, 1994).

Aug. 1989 - Sept. 1993:

Assistant Professor, Physics Department, POSTECH, Korea

Oct. 1988 - Aug. 1989:

Post Doc., PHAEDRUS Group, Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison, U.S.A.

Jan. 1983 - Oct. 1988:

Research Assistant, Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison, U.S.A.; worked on experimental study of the dynamic plasma sheath phenomena

Jun. 1979 - Jun. 1982:

Full time Physics Instructor, The 3rd Military Academy, Korea

Research Experiences

- Experimental study of basic plasma physics and plasma processing
- Particle accelerator technology
- Pulse modulator and High power-microwave system
- Industrial applications of plasma & accelerator technologies
Plasma processing: Plasma source technology, Atmospheric plasmas, Surface treatment, etc.
Environmental application: Pulsed ESP, Plasma treatment of flu gas, Ozone generators, etc.

Academic activity

Mar. 2004 - Feb. 2010:

Development of high power L-band e-linac (1 GHz, 30 kW beam power) for industrial application

Feb. 1995 - Mar. 1997:

Development of 100 MeV e-linac test facility & TOF (~10 m) neutron detector facility for white neutron cross-section measurement (partially funded by KAERI) - currently we support outside user experiment too.

Aug. 1995 - Present:

Development of super-conducting coil power supply system and RF Heating current drive system [ECH (84 GHz-500 kW-2sec pulse), and LHCD (5GHz, 500 kW, CW)] for KSTAR Tokamak; funded by KBSI, Korea (construction period: 1995 - 2007).

May 1998 - Apr. 1999:

Development of a pulsed power system for the electrostatic dust precipitator for the iron ore sinter plant (-70 kV pulse with -40 kV dc bias, ESW 70 us, 200 pps, using Thyrister/MOSFET switch stack); funded by POSCO - completed including the process control S/W.

Jan. 1997 - Dec. 1997:

Development of a pulse modulator with magnetic pulse compression switch for the streamer discharge reactor for the simultaneous DeSOx & DeNOx
process (+100 kV, ESW 0.5 us, 300 pps, average power: 120 kW system); funded by RIST, POSCO, & POSCOict - Large scale pilot process is
under test operation at aniron-ore sinter plant.

Honors and Awards

Korean Physical Society (KPS-DPP)
Korean Nuclear Society
Korean Society of Environmental Engineering
Korea Accelerator & Plasma Research Association (KAPRA)
American Physical Society (DPP & DBP)