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Ko, In Soo professor

Current Contact Information

[전화번호: 279-2076, 사무실 : 3-327]
Professor, Ph.D., 1987, Univ. of California, Los Angeles
Future Acceleratory Laboratory
연구실: 차세대 가속기 연구실[279-1982,PAL329]

Education and Training

Professional Career

Research Experiences

Academic activity

1. 'Simulation study for electro-optic sampling measurement of low-energy electron beam'

- Authers: Parc, Y.W., Hong, J., Ko, I.S., Kim, C., Huang, J.Y., Lee, S.

- Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 47 (1), No.1, January 2008 pp. 342-346

2. 'A study of detection schemes in electro-optic sampling technique'

- Authers: Parc, Y.W., Ko, I.S., Kim, C., Huang, J.Y.

- Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research, Section A: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment 586 (3), January 2008 , pp. 452-457

3. 'High power beam test and measurement of emittance evolution of a 1.6-Cell photocathode RF Gun at pohang accelerator laboratory'

- Authers: Park, J.-H., Park, S.-J., Kim, C., Parc, Y.-W., Hong, J.U.-H.O., Huang, J.-Y., Xiang, D., (...), Ko, I.S.

- Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, Part 1: Regular Papers and Short Notes and Review Papers 46 (4 A), April 2007, pp. 1751-1756

4. 'A study of electro-optical crystal as a diagnostic tool for low energy electron beam'

- Authers: Parc, Y.-W., Park, J., Kim, C., Huang, J.Y., Ko, I.S., Joo, T.

- Journal of the Korean Physical Society Vol.50 (No.5 PART I), May 2007, pp. 1390-1395

5. 'RF Measurement and High-Power Test of a 1.6-Cell Photocathode RF Gun at Pohang Accelerator Laboratory'

- Autehrs: J. H. Park, I. S. Ko, S. J. Park, Y. J. Park, S. H. Kim, J. Y. Huang, Y. W. Parc, J. H. Hong, D. Xiang and X. J. Wang

- Journal of the Korean Physical Society Vol.50 (No.5 PART I), May 2007, pp. 1443-1449

6. 'Laser System with a Photocathode RF Gun at the Pohang Accelerator Laboratory'

- Authers: C. Kim, S. J. Park, J. H. Park, Y. W. Parc, J. Y. Huang, J. Choi and I. S. Ko

- Journal of the Korean Physical Society Vol.50 (No.5 PART I), May 2007, pp. 1427-1430

Honors and Awards