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The main equipments are distinguished into the donated, from industries which joined building steel-manufacturing factory in Gwang-yang, and the purchased, by university or external research expends.

There are some donated expensive equipments such as TEM, SEM, STEM, LEED/EELS, SAM, ESCA and EMPA which measure surface properties of matters. They are mostly in RIST and used as common equipments of university and laboratories.

On the other hand, the below are the equipments invested by university itself and external expends, which are in each laboratory.

  • 양자전도 초전도 연구실(Quantum Transport and Superconductivity Laboratory)


    Thin-film Fabrication(E-gun Evaporator)
    Thin-film Fabrication(E-gun Evaporator)
    Thin-film Fabrication(Ion Milling Machine)
    Thin-film Fabrication(Ion Milling Machine)
    Nano Fabrication(In-house Clean Booth)
    Nano Fabrication(In-house Clean Booth)
    Nano Fabrication(E-beam Pattern Writer)
    Nano Fabrication(E-beam Pattern Writer)
    Dilution Fridge(Leiden Cryogenics; MNK)
    Dilution Fridge(Leiden Cryogenics; MNK)
  • 방사광이용 연구실

    - Rotating anode X-ray generator, In-situ X-ray Scattering chamber for sputtering film growth, Triple-axis X-ray diffractometer


  • 스핀물성연구실

    - Modulation spectrometer, Ultrasonic spectrometer, AC calorimeter, EXAFS beam line, Physical Properties Measurement System, X-ray pparatus(RIGAKU), Scanning Tunneling Microscopy


  • 양자 전도/초전도 연구실

    - Dilution cryostat, Helium-4 cryostats, Ion-gun sputtering system, Diffusion-cell evaporation system, Micropatterning


  • 진공 및 표면물리 연구실

    - UHV evaporation system, SIMS analyzer system


  • 표면 및 극미세계 물리 연구실

    - Angle-resolved photoemission spectrometer (ARPES), High energy resolution lectron energy loss spectrometer (HREELS), Surface-sensitive X-ray diffractormeter


  • X-선광학 연구실

    - X-ray and visible streak camera, Nd/glass laser, Gas-puff Z-pinch device


  • 양자광학 연구실

    - Three dimensional microscope(삼차원 현미경), Vibration measurement system (진동 측정 시스템), Precise phase measurement system (정밀 위상 측정 시스템)


  • 입자빔물리 연구실

    - VME realtime computer system, diagnostic devces


  • 플라즈마물리 연구실

    -Low-temperature low-density plasma producing machines


  • 양자광학 정보 연구실

    - Ultrafast laser system, Time Correlated Single Photon Counting system (TCSPC)


  • Computational Nanophysics Laboratory

    - PC cluster(2.0GHz AMD CPU, processor number: 106, Total memory: 142GB, Total Disk: 6400GB, Infiniband network card

  • Computer room

    - PC cluster(2.0GHz AMD CPU, processor number: 102, Total memory: 167GB, Total Disk: 6737GB, Gigabit network card and switch), PC cluster(3.0GHz Intel CPU, processor number: 60, Total memory: 120MB, Total Disk: 800GB, Gigabit network card and switch), SUN enterpride 3500(4CPU, memory 4GB, Disk: 500GB)