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The bellow is colloquium schedule in Physics department. Every Wednesday 4:00 PM, colloquium is held in seminar room (Science Building III -201) Also, Free tea time will be held 30 minutes before colloquium stars. Please visit and enjoy the colloquium and tea time.


Colloquium 장소 및 시간: 세미나실(공학3동 201호) 오후 4시
연락처 : 물리학과 김기석교수 (279-2082), tkfkd@postech.ac.kr

          물리학과 사무실 김수경 (279-5971) skyung@postech.ac.kr

Confinement and Vacuum

speaker : Jong Bum Choi[Chonbuk Natl. Univ.]

location :

date : 2012-5-2

In a Buddhas testament, there appears a phrase saying "Everything is vacant." Now we know that everything is made of atoms and most of the mass of the atom is concentrated at the nucleus. Inside the nucleus, there exist nucleons in which quarks are confined through the interactions of gluons. The theory of the interactions for quarks and gluons is the quantum chromodynamics (QCD), and recent researches of the confinement phenomena in QCD resulted in the idea of new definition of QCD vacuum. It turns out that nonlocal gluon condensates are important in the new definition of QCD vacuum, and the word "vacant" has to be interpreted in a new way. In conclusion, the QCD vacuum can be taken to be the basis for the existence of everything proving the phrase of the Buddhas testament.