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The bellow is colloquium schedule in Physics department. Every Wednesday 4:00 PM, colloquium is held in seminar room (Science Building III -201) Also, Free tea time will be held 30 minutes before colloquium stars. Please visit and enjoy the colloquium and tea time.


Colloquium 장소 및 시간: 세미나실(공학3동 201호) 오후 4시
연락처 : 물리학과 김기석교수 (279-2082), tkfkd@postech.ac.kr

          물리학과 사무실 김수경 (279-5971) skyung@postech.ac.kr

Angle-resolved Photoemission Spectroscopy and its Application to Explore Many-Body Physics

speaker : Prof. Choonkyu Hwang[Pusan Natl. Univ.]

location :

date : 2014-11-5

Photoemission spectroscopy is one of the powerful tools to understand electrons that ultimately determine the electronic, magnetic, chemical, mechanical, optical, thermal, and structural properties of solid materials. In this talk, I will introduce brief history of photoemission spectroscopy and several types of photoemission spectroscopy technique. More specifically, angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy (ARPES) shows how electrons are bound within a crystal as a function of energy and momentum, revealing fundamental information ranging from basic electron band structure to complicated many-body physics. Recent development of ARPES technique made it possible to study (1) hot electrons with momentum resolution utilizing laser, so called time-resolved ARPES, and (2) another quantum number, spin, with spin-resolved ARPES. These new techniques reveal electron dynamics in ultra-fast time scale and spin information as well as intriguing spin-light interactions, respectively, which are expected to play important roles in understanding new correlated electron phases.