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The bellow is colloquium schedule in Physics department. Every Wednesday 4:00 PM, colloquium is held in seminar room (Science Building III -201) Also, Free tea time will be held 30 minutes before colloquium stars. Please visit and enjoy the colloquium and tea time.


Colloquium 장소 및 시간: 세미나실(공학3동 201호) 오후 4시
연락처 : 물리학과 김기석교수 (279-2082), tkfkd@postech.ac.kr

          물리학과 사무실 김수경 (279-5971) skyung@postech.ac.kr

Graphene Barristors with Van der Waals Heterostructure

speaker : Prof. Hyeon-Jong Chung[Konkuk Univ.]

location :

date : 2014-11-26

Extremely much intention has been drawn for graphene for next generation electronics due to its high mobility. Poor on/off ratio ruled out graphene transistor from the competitions. However, the issue is solved by graphene barristors whose current is modulated by Schottky barrier height, formed at graphene-semiconductor junction. While Si is used for the first barristors, 2D semiconductors have taken over the position these days. In this talk, after briefly summarized graphene device research, discussed will be exotic scaling laws of graphene-WS2 barristors, originated from unique properties of 2D semiconductors. In addition, new potential of barristors will be explored.