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12/1 물리학과 특별세미나 개최 안내
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물리학과에서는 응집물리실험-광학분야 특별세미나를 아래와 같이 개최하오니 관심있는 분들의 많은 참석을 바랍니다.


1. 연사: 이대수 박사 (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

2. 일시: 2016. 12. 1(), 오후 230

3. 장소: 공학3201(세미나실)

4. 제목: Emergent Physics in Nanoscale Correlated Materials



Emergence of collective phenomena has been a central means for exploring a correlated functional oxide. However, understanding and utilizing such emergence become increasingly challenging, as the dimensionality and size scale are reduced. For example, collective functional phenomena (such as ferromagnetism and ferroelectricity) tend to be suppressed and even disappear at reduced nanoscale dimensions, due to a finite-size effect or local disorder. This remains a long-standing limitation in oxide nanoelectronics.


In this talk, I will present my recent findings for overcoming this limitation. (1) First, I demonstrated emergent room-temperature ferroelectricity in ultrathin films of an otherwise non-ferroelectric SrTiO3. This finding challenges the long-standing notion that ferroelectricity is inevitably suppressed at the scale of a few nanometers. (2) I also controlled and visualized collective phase transition dynamics at nanoscale in epitaxial VO2. Based on this, I designed a fast electrically switchable optical modulator device. (3) Furthermore, I demonstrated the emergence of a desired electronic phase, which was deliberately designed in ultrathin VO2. These findings would give groundbreaking insight in condensed matter physics, and also could allow novel design principles for oxide nanoelectronic applications.