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employment information

[Presto Labs] 퀀트연구원 수시채용
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Presto Labs는 싱가포르 소재 퀀트 트레이딩 회사이며

서울 오피스 Presto Asset에서 근무할 퀀트 연구원을 수시채용 합니다.

당사는 서울 광화문에 위치하고 있으며, 현재 투자일임업 및 전문사모집합투자업 등록을

준비하고 있습니다.


Job Description - Quantitative Researcher (Seoul Office)


Presto Labs is a fast growing quantitative trading firm established in 2014. We develop

automated trading strategies and the related systems to trade financial products. Presto Labs

focuses on statistical analysis and the automation of investment decisions to minimize human

bias in fast changing financial world.


Our team is looking for a quantitative researcher who will develop statistical prediction models

for our portfolio trading strategies. As a quantitative researcher, you access a large financial

dataset managed by our data team. You will come up with various trading ideas derived from

this data and run a statistical simulation to verify the ideas. You will work closely with the world’s

top class engineers and quantitative researchers of Presto Labs, and experience a lot of

cuttingedge technologies.



- Conduct data analysis using market data.

- Develop a predictive signal using quantitative models.

- Build and optimize tools to process financial data for quantitative research.  



- A bachelor's or advanced degree in scientific or engineering field.

- Solid analytical and organizational skills.

- Intermediate programming skills (C/C++ and Python).

- Independent research abilities.

- Good and clear communication skills to discuss various research ideas.


[Work conditions]

- Location: Jongnogu, Seoul


[Application Process]

Please send an email to: recruitingkr@prestolabs.io with your resume and a brief introduction

of yourself. After we review your resume, you will receive an interview invitation if selected. The

first round may start with a simple math quiz. During the recruitment process, you will meet

several people from our team and they will do some further indepth tests to see if the candidate

has strong mathematical and problemsolving skills.


For further information or questions, please contact us: recruitingkr@prestolabs.io