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POSTECH BK21Plus Physics Division
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Research Professors and Postdoctoral Fellows in Physics


POSTECH BK21Plus Physics Division has about two openings for research professors or postdoctoral fellows.


The annual salary starts from 36,000,000 Korean Won (approximately US$30,000 at the current exchange rate) for postdoctoral fellows and 48,000,000 Korean Won (approximately US$40,000) for research professors. The initial appointment for the position is for one year with the possibility of renewal upon mutual agreement. The minimum qualification is PhD certificate for postdoctoral fellows and one year of postdoctoral (or equivalent) experience for research professors.


The application deadline is 20 June 2016 for positions beginning as early as 1 August 2016 but no later than 1 October 2016. Applications must include a CV, and a list of publications. Applicants should also arrange one recommendation letter (two for the research professor position) to be e-mailed to the address given below. Only e-mail applications are acceptable and be sure to state clearly in your application whether your application is for a postdoctoral or research professor position. All application documents (PDF format preferred) should be e-mailed to


Ms. Soo-Kyung Kim

POSTECH BK21 Physics Division & Department of Physics



Those interested are strongly encouraged to contact individual faculty members of the BK21Plus Physics Division with common research interest since selected candidates are expected to maintain a strong collaboration with the faculty members. The prospect of the strong collaboration is an important factor in the selection process. Contact information of the faculty members can be found at the POSTECH Physics Department web site (http://www-ph.postech.ac.kr) or at the POSTECH BK21Plus Physics Division web site (http://physics21.postech.ac.kr).