The 19th international conference Recent Progress in Many Body Theory (RPMBT) is held by the Asia Pacific Center for Theoretical Physics inside the POSTECH campus in Pohang, South Korea. The conference continues the series initiated in Trieste in 1978 and is devoted to new developments in the field of many-body theories. The conference series encourages the exchange of ideas between physicists working in such diverse areas as nuclear physics, quantum chemistry, complex systems, lattice Hamiltonians, quantum fluids and condensed matter physics. The scientific sessions will start on June 25th 2017 and end on June 30th 2017, on the 1st and 2nd floors of the POSCO International Center located on campus of POSTECH.

The RPMBT conference is held in the east Asian region for the first time in 2017, despite its long history of nearly 40 years. The city of Pohang is nestled in the mountainous region of south-east Korea while facing the Pacific ocean. The city of Pohang, known as the engine of Korean industry, offers easy access to beautiful south-east coast lines of the penisulla and numerous Buddhist temples with hiking trails in the mountains. The region boasts rich historic treasures as the capital of 1000-year long Silla dynasty (BC 57 -- AD 935).

As a central event of the conference, "The Eugene Feenberg Memorial Medal" and "The Hermann Kümmel Early Achievement Award in Many-Body Physics" will be presented in an Award Session.

The proceedings of the conference is published Journal of Physics: Conference Series vol. 1041 (Ed. by Jong E. Han and Ki-Seok Kim).

Topics of Interest:
  • Many-Body Problems in Condensed Matter Physics
  • Quantum Fluids and Solids
  • Nuclear Many-Body and Relativistic Theories
  • Nanostructures and Transport Theories
  • Many-Body Aspects of Cold Gasses
  • High Energy Density Matter and Intense Lasers
  • New Developments in Computational Many-Body Techniques
  • Quantum Phase Transitions
  • Non-equilibrium Many-Body Theory
Deadline for abstract submission for oral presentation is extended to April 15, 2017.