Day 1
2/14 (Thr.)
10:00 ~ 12:00 (120min.) Arrival
12:00 ~ 13:00 (60min.) Lunch
13:00 ~ 14:00 (60min.) Opening ceremony with special talk Gil Young Cho
14:00 ~ 15:40 (100min.) Session A: Particle and nuclear physics
15:40 ~ 16:10 (30min.) Coffee break
16:10 ~ 17:50 (100min.) Session B:
- Optics and atomic, molecular physics
- Plasma physics
- Biophysics and statistical physics
18:00 ~ 20:00 (120min.) Welcome Banquet
Day 2
2/15 (Fri.)
10:00 ~ 12:00 (120min.) Poster session         
12:00 ~ 13:00 (60min.) Lunch
13:00 ~ 15:00 (120min.) Session C: Condensed matter physics
15:00 ~ 16:00 (60min.) Closing
Oral presentations
Session A
Particle and nuclear physics
Perturbative calculation of at the one-loop level using HYP-smeared staggered quarks Benjamin J. Choi SNU
Time of flight detector and antiproton trap for the GBAR experiment KwanHyung Park SNU
Group Theoretic Approach to Fermion Production Ui Min KAIST
Search for a light charged Higgs boson decaying to c b-bar in pp collisions at sqrt(s) = 13 TeV Byunghun Oh SNU
Development on the identification of merged electrons at 13 TeV Sanghyun Ko SNU

Session B
Optics and atomic, molecular physics
Photon-pair source working in a silicon-based detector using a micro/nanofiber Jin-Hun Kim POSTECH
Direct quantum process tomography via sequential weak measurements Yosep Kim POSTECH
Plasma physics
Observation and Modelling of Afterglow Phenomenon in Atmospheric Pulsed Microwave Plasma JEONG Seokyong POSTECH
Long-lived plasma produced by short pulse laser in argon supercritical fluid with high density of clusters Seungtaek Lee POSTECH
Biophysics and statistical physics
Target search by a non-Markovian random walker under stochastic resetting Sungmin Joo POSTECH

Session C
Condensed matter physics
Direct evidence of the excitonic insulating phase in Ta2NiSe5 Jinwon Lee POSTECH
Possible quantum liquid phases on a kagome lattice Hyeok-Jun Yang KAIST
Intrinsic Orbital Hall Effects in Elemental Solids Daegeun Jo POSTECH
Emergent Anisotropic Non-Fermi Liquid at a Topological Phase Transition in Three Dimensions SangEun Han KAIST
Global band topology from topological charges of band degeneracies Sunje Kim SNU
Optical conductivity of black phosphorus with a tunable electronic structure Jiho Jang SNU
Poster presentations
Section A
Particle and nuclear physics
A1 Study of RENO 10-inch PMT saturation effect for the JSNS2 experiment Hyungi Lee SNU

Section B
Optics and atomic, molecular physics
B1 Highly efficient nonlinear phenomena in micro/submicro-scaled systems Chang Kyun Ha KAIST
B2 Periodic revival of frustrated two-photon creation via interference Dong-Gil Im POSTECH
B3 THz-TDS with Mode-Locked Femtosecond Ti:Sapphire Laser Seongcheol Lee KAIST
B4 Observation of coherent single-atom superradiance Daeho Yang KAIST
B5 Compact Q-switched Yb-doped Waveguide Lasers with Nanocarbons Ji Eun Bae KAIST
B6 Polarization Entanglement from Sub-natural bandwidth Biphotons ChungHyun Lee POSTECH
B7 Metastable polar state of a spin-1 antiferromagnetic Bose-Einstein condensate under a magnetic field gradient Deokhwa Hong SNU
B8 Vortex shedding dynamics in a long and oblate 87Rb Bose-Einstein condensate Junhong Goo SNU
Plasma physics
Biophysics and statistical physics
B9 Integrative Approaches for Structural and Functional Analysis of Biological Macromolecular Complexes or Molecular Machines Joo-hyun Lee KAIST
B10 Unravelling anomalous diffusion in fractal globule: Langevin Dynamics simulation and Theory Yeonghoon Kim POSTECH
B11 Finite time quantum heat engine Sangyun Lee KAIST

Section C
Condensed matter physics
C1 Three dimensional structure determination of a core-shell nanoparticle by single particle 3D imaging at PAL-XFEL Do Hyung Cho POSTECH
C2 Ultrafast imaging of faceting and melting on irreversible transition using X-ray Free Electron Laser(XFEL) Chulho Jung POSTECH
C3 Transmission/reflection coefficients and Faraday/Kerr rotations as a function of applied magnetic fields in spin-orbit coupled Dirac metals Jinho Yang POSTECH
C4 Berry phase crossover in angular-dependent Quantum Oscillations within a Nodal-line Semimetal SrAs3 Hoil Kim POSTECH
C5 Thickness dependence of metastable states in layered IrTe2 crystals Hyoung Kug Kim POSTECH
C6 Metastable charge-density-wave phases of 1T-TaS2 induced by local quenching Wooin Yang POSTECH
C7 Edge state laser using a photonic crystal nanocavity dimer array Changhyun Han SNU
C8 Anatomy of Rashba coupling Jeonghun Sohn POSTECH
C9 X-ray absorption study on electronic structure of ferroelectric hexagonal Lu0.5Sc0.5FeO3 contributed by A site JeongKyu Kim POSTECH
C10 First-principles-based calculation of branching ratio for 5d, 4d, and 3d transition metal systems Do Hoon Kim KAIST